Founded mythologically by Falanto, whose history is depicted on a mosaic in the city of 140 square meters, Taranto appears officially in history only from 706 BC However, the past can be reconstructed thanks to the discovery of Greek and Roman necropolises.

In later centuries it developed economically also thanks to its position, overlooking the sea and the Aragon family built an imposing castle to guard and defend the city.

In recent times the attraction of the city has become a work of civil engineering: a revolving bridge that connects Borgo Antico and Borgo Nuovo – two districts of the city united by a steel and concrete scaffolding, evocatively illuminated at night. The particular geographical conformation of the area has created a natural inlet, which the residents have called “Mare Piccolo”, to differentiate it from the vastness of the “Mare Grande” – the Ionian Sea – which extends to the horizon.

For information on urban mobility, as well as parking and rest areas, consult the official link to the page: http://www.amat.taranto.it/

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What to see and do in Taranto :

  • Borgo Antico and Borgo Nuovo
  • Big sea and small sea
  • Falanto mosaic
  • Old Town
  • Aragonese castle

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